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Motorized Microscope

Motorized XY Stage Upright Microscope




Märzhäuser Motorized Microscope Stage EK 14 mot for Zeiss Axio Micro Scope


CARL ZEISS OPMI SURGICAL Microscope XY Motor Assembly 4681


Zeiss AxioPlan 2 Motorized Fluorescence Microscope - Upright - As-Is


Prior Scientific H101 A / B Motorized Microscope Stage


Motorized Filter Wheel Laser Microscope Machine Vision Semiconductor Inspection


Navitar 1-51170 Motorized Microscope w/ 1x Adapter- CCD Camera-5x/0.14 Objective


Olympus BX50 Binocular Microscope With Four Objectives And Motorized Stage


Nikon TE200 Inverted Microscope, Phase Contrast, Fluorescence, Motorized options


Zeiss AxioVert 200M Inverted Motor Phase Varel Contrast Fluorescence Microscope


Olympus MX50 Motorized DIC Polarization Microscope MX50T-F


Olympus Microscope IX81 with DIC and Motorized Stage


Free Ship Microscope Slit Lamp With Motorized Table Medical Ophthalmology


Zeiss Motorized Stage with built in CAN control for upright Axio Imager, Tested


Ludl Motorized Stage 8x8 6x6 with linear encoders and MAC6000 controller, Tested


New Dental Surgical Microscope/Motorized With Accessories Lab & Life


Olympus BX51 Fluorescence Motorized Microscope


Nikon E400 Fluorescence Motorized Microscope


Dental Surgical Microscope/Motorized Approved By Dr Harry Dental Lab Equipment


Ludl Electronic LEP Motorized Microscope Stage P/N 99S908-CZ


Leica DM6000 B Fluorescence Motorized Microscope


Olympus BX61 Fluorescence Motorized Microscope Unit4


New Dental Surgical Microscope/Motorized Approved By Dr Harry


Leica DMi8 Motorized Fluorescence Microscope with LED Light Source


Sonix SMC6A Rev B Scanning Acoustic Microscope Motor Control Card ISA DB37 60Pin


Zeiss Model Axio Imager M1 Motorized Upright Fluorescence Microscope


Zeiss AxioPlan 2 imaging Upright Motorized Fluorescence DIC Darkfield Microscope


Zeiss Microscope Axiovert 200M with Fluorescence and Motorized


Ludl Electronic P/N 99S906-AB Motorized Microscope Stage


New Dental Surgical Microscope/Motorized With Accessories A-70


Leica DM4000 B Fluorescence Motorized Microscope


Zeiss Axioskop 2 mot plus Fluorescence Motorized Microscope