What is the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network Registry?

As a network of 14 research medical centers, the AS ATN/AIR-P offers families autism diagnosis, ongoing care, and treatment options and much more. From these services, the AS ATN/AIR-P is able to maintain a patient registry that captures information around the care and progress on children with autism seen at the 14 centers.

The goal of the registry is to identify common medical conditions associated with ASD and their treatments and characterize the healthcare profile of children with ASD. Information on registry participants can also be used to formulate questions for additional research studies. The AS ATN/AIR-P’s research studies include primarily families participating in the AS ATN/AIR-P registry, and include information from the registry as part of the study data. See the  list of participating AS ATN/AIR-P centers.

What is a chronic disease registry?

A registry is an information system designed to effectively strategize and organize the care of individuals with chronic diseases.

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